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your wedding day is about your story 

I understand the importance of artful storytelling. I am someone who strives to make your photos reflect who you are and transport you right back to your wedding day. 

I'll capture the tears, laughter, booty grabs and all the awkward dancing to deliver a beautiful work of art. 

be completely you

I will always encourage you to show up exactly how YOU want. Maybe you want to throw away some traditions or make your own. I want you to have EXACTLY what you want on your wedding day. Lets get creative, make things feel like you and tell your story just how it is. 

you need a photographer who is on your side 

Someone who is just as invested and excited about your wedding day as you are! You want someone who you can trust and is transparent with you right from the beginning. 

You will be taken care of because I already know what needs to happen to get things done. I will be open and honest with you throughout our whole experience together. This isn't my first rodeo so consider me your wedding expert! 

Why Choose me

creating authentic images

I capture moments on the fly. Candid moments with gentle posing that will lead you into feeling natural and allow for your chemistry to be captured.

I'm always prepared

I’m ready for everything!  I am a master hair fixer, makeup toucher-upper, and have shot everywhere from the beach to the mountains. Heck, I have even shot during a hurricane! I am ready for whatever the day may throw at us!

sneak peek photos

Gone are the days where you have to wait months for just a few images. I send you sneak peeks within 24hrs of you saying, “I do.” You won’t have to use your friends grainy, not so great quality phone shot to announce to the world that you tied the knot!

we always have a good time

I keep things positive  and LOVE hyping people up! We are going to have a blast on your wedding day! I'm there for you to make sure your wedding dreams come true all while having a good time!

Whether its a destination wedding, a micro-wedding or a large ballroom extravaganza, I love them all! 

start at $2000 for four hours 

+ Easy online booking

+ Super fast communication. I know your time is valuable
+ Planning Resources

+ Custom Wedding Timeline

+ Me, Emily, cheering you on, hyping you up, and making sure you’re having the best time of your life!

+ Online gallery that is sharable with professionally edited high resolution images

+ Sneak peeks within 24 hrs

+ Access to your online gallery store to purchase prints and albums

+ Full gallery delivery within 6 weeks


Elopements are more of a feeling rather than an actual size. This is for a couple that wants a more intimate moment driven wedding. 

start at $1200

hire us today

+ Super fast communication. I know your time is valuable.

+ Custom Wedding Timeline, Planning help + resources 

+ Me, Emily, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera all while giving you space to enjoy your moments 

+ Online gallery that is sharable with professionally edited high resolution images

+ Sneak peeks within 24 hrs

+ Access to your online gallery store to purchase prints and albums

+ Full gallery delivery within 6 weeks

elopement it is!

sounds great! 


frequently asked questions

Do I get all the photos? Do I provide raws?

I want you to have bomb photos just as much as you do. So, if it’s a good photo with a good moment, you will receive it. I will NEVER deliver your photos raw. Does a chef give you the recipe for their most prized dish? I don’t think so. Trust me. You booked me because you liked my pictures so let me do my magic. I gotchu!

What’s your average delivery time?

No more than six weeks from your wedding. I cull, edit and retouch in the order I shoot. Sometimes it does get backed up but I try to get your pictures to you as soon as I can. 

How do we receive our photos?

Photos are delivered to you through an online gallery. You are able to browse, favorite, share and download them right onto your computer. You can also order prints, albums, canvases and more from the online store. Easy peasy lemon squeezey, all in one place!

Can you save our date?

Once we go through the booking process your contract will need to be signed and when the deposit is made, the date is yours! And I'm yours! WOO! 

How do we book you?

You start by filling out my wedding inquiry form and that begins the process. We will then chit chat about what you expect and want from your photographer. If ya like me, I will create a customized quote and you will pick the collection that best works for you and your wedding day/weekend. I require a signed contract and a $750 retainer to hold your date and spot. Bam! You booked me!

Where are you located? Do you travel for weddings?

Currently, I am in Oklahoma but shoot most of my weddings in Florida along the Gulf Coast (with no travel fees). But, I can and will go anywhere! My other half is military so that does mean we move around a lot. The next few years are a little moving crazy, but maybe I’ll be right where ya need me? Right? Right! I also have a few places that I have minimal travel fee’s. Just ask because they are ever changing! 

Can we meet up?

If we are in the same place, absolutely! Let’s go grab a drink, share an appy and talk! But if I am not in your area, you better believe I am all for some Facetime. I love to be able to see your face! Also, meeting in comfy clothes? My kind of meeting….am I right! I also like communicating through dog pictures and memes so pick your poison. I am ready.  

Are you able to work with budgets?

Yes! I’m friendly, open and above all else human! I understand budgets and wanting a deal.  So please, talk to me about your budget! You love me? Let’s find a way that we can make it work for both of us. I promise, I am here to help as much as I can. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yeup! I want to keep it simple for you. We can talk about what best work for you and go from there. 

want to see if your date is available?

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