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If you’ve been looking for a 30A beach guide, today is for you.

Along the 30A highway are little beach towns that are incredibly picturesque, and each have their own style. Some look like they’ve been plucked straight out of another country, while others are that iconic small beach-town feel, but all are beautiful. And having photos taken along this beautiful highway will create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

I’ve written this little 30A Beach guide for you all to help navigate some of these locations like a pro!

Alys Beach is up first!

Alys Beach is a luxury community where all the buildings are white! The architecture feels simple and elegant which matches the prestine blue water and white sand beaches. It’s so exclusive, only guests and owners of Alys Beach can get their photos taken here. It’s magical!

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is very family friendly, but still charming and has excellent dining. When I want to relax and have some downtime, it always hits the spot. The beautiful beach community has that small town feel with big city luxuries, like 5 star restaurants and stunning beaches. Win-win. You can’t go wrong.

Last in the 30A Beach Guide is, Seaside

Next is Seaside! It is one of the most well known beach areas along the 30A. This town gives me the small town feels as well. It is the perfect place to vacation! And you wanna get married in the cutest little white chapel? Seaside is for you! Between the adventures of bike riding, Bud and Alleys (a seaside staple) and the friendly community, it’s a must see.

These are some of my favorite places to visit, bring couples for engagement sessions, and join in on wedding day fun! Although the beaches can get busy – as a Florida wedding photographer I’ve learned when to go and avoid the crowds!

I hope this 30A beach guide also gives you a bit on insight on what might fit with you best!

newly married man and woman walking at sunset for 30A Beach Guide
bride and groom cuddled up after wedding day by Florida wedding photographer
newlyweds dance at 30A beach at sunset by Emily Burns Photography
woman wearing floral earrings after beach ceremony for 30A beach guide
engaged couple walks along beach steps byFlorida wedding Photographer
bride wears crown while husband twirls her by Emily Burns Photography
newly engaged couple holding hands on Florida coastline for 30A beach guide
man and woman during engagement session ride bikes by Florida wedding photographer
sunrise in 30A Florida town with engaged man and woman by Emily Burns Photography
wedding day sunset on the beach with newly married couple in 30A Beach guide


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