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Beach Surprise Proposal | 30A Proposal Photographer

Surprise! They’re engaged! Morris reached out to me regarding his beach surprise proposal he was planning for Carolyn! He wanted to make sure we could get the shots as hidden as possible so she wouldn’t suspect anything!

They were originally headed down here for vacation with his family so this was still being done in the most discrete way! Months before their vacation, Morris contacted me to shoot the proposal. We had a few places that we thought we would be beautiful but we settled on Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach! They two bodies of water within the park named Campbell Lake (Carolyn’s last name) and Morris Lake, his first name so it seemed mean’t to be. I mean, how crazy is that when you read it!

Before sunset, I headed down and waited for the two to show up. The plan was that I would wait and stalk them (creepy but true) and they would walk along the beach where they planned to have a picnic. I found them, they set their stuff down and he got down on one knee. She said yes!! She had no idea it was going to happen so the surprise was a success!!

After, they set up a little picnic with champagne, engraved wine glasses Morris’ mom got them. They also had a few books for them to bask in their new engagement. It was the perfect beach surprise proposal.

Congrats again to Morris and Carolyn! I’m so glad we could get this special moment captured for you!

Couple walks Florida beach for beach surprise proposal
Women surprised on beach for engagement with hidden photographer in Florida
Beach surprise proposal with man and woman in 30A
Woman shows off new diamond engagement ring to 30A proposal photographer
Engaged couple hugging after beach surprise proposal in Florida
Woman sees 30A proposal photographer after beach surprise proposal from fiancé
Women in blue and white short dress shows of the new diamond engagement ring
Newly engaged couple in 30A walk the beach after beach surprise proposal
Engaged couple pop bottle of champagne after beach surprise proposal in Florida
Couple wearing blue and white dress with striped polo top after proposing in Florida
Newly engaged couple excited after the surprise proposal while drinking champagne
Engaged couple drinks champagne from engraved champagne glasses after beach surprise proposal
newly engaged couple has beach picnic after beach surprise proposal
Newly engaged couple sit on the beach and 30A and have a picnic after beach surprise proposal


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